Carmel Kent

Senior Research Fellow,




The aim of this report is to summarise evidence about AI that is pertinent to education. Why education? Because to understand AI, we first need to understand human intelligence and human learning. We need to be able to identify the difference between AI and Human Intelligence (HI) if we are to reap the potential of AI for society. In addition, since our students and children will experience the greatest impact of AI – both from an employment perspective, but also from cultural and sociological perspectives – we need to evaluate how AI impacts education. 


This is an overview of the main concepts that make up the image of AI today and explores the promise of AI in education. To do this, we must also discuss the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, designers, developers and policymakers in the field of AI in education. This will be the main aim of a future report. But let’s begin by getting to know the enemy. Or, perhaps more appropriately, let’s get acquainted with our new colleague. 

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