Since 2017 we have been working with some of the UK and Europe’s best and most creative technologists and innovators, as well as investors, policymakers and entrepreneurs, to try to realise this global ambition. Through collaboration and a mutual understanding of the potential of our endeavours, we believe we can transform the way people learn and work.

Our approach has attracted a great deal of interest both in the UK and internationally. Having gained valuable experience and insights into the EdTtech space in the first phase of our programme as UCL EDUCATE, we have now expanded our reach into the global arena. It means that any edtech company, anywhere in the world, can access our online resources and be a part of our success story and that of the 270 companies we have already supported.

Using our expertise in pedagogical and business best practice, our unique accelerator programme for edtech startups blends academic rigour with commercial creativity to help entrepreneurs and innovators build marketable, profitable and impactful products driven by research and evidence.

We believe that education is for all. EdTech can reach children in remote communities all over the planet and provide education where it might not otherwise be possible. In technologically advanced countries, meanwhile, automation is revolutionising the workplace. In this futuristic environment adults, too, will have to return to learning and become flexible, adaptive and responsive to new methods and ways of working. EdTech can be the means by which they enhance their knowledge and learn new skills - and build on existing ones.

The edtech is already available to meet these needs and the future possibilities are, literally, limitless.  Over the past three years we have worked with some of the most forward-thinking and innovative companies anywhere in the world. Right now, their products are changing the way people live and learn every day – whether it is mastering mathematics or learning a language, to tracking babies’ development and training the surgeons of the future, or improving mental health and wellbeing.

Edtech that is grounded in research and evidence can radically transform our lives and be a force for good. Join us on this journey and help to make a difference.


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