Lord David Puttnam presents the first ‘EdWards’ to successful EDUCATE cohorts

Lord David Puttnam presents the first ‘EdWards’ to successful EDUCATE cohorts, at the London Festival of Learning

Sir David Puttnam, the award-winning film producer, has presented 33 entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs with an ‘EdWard’ in recognition of their successful completion of the pioneering EDUCATE programme.

The ceremony, held as part of the London Festival of Learning, was attended by hundreds of guests and VIPs from the fields of education and technology. The ceremony was co-compered by Lord Jim Knight, the former Schools Minister.

The ‘EdWards’ recipients had to satisfy a range of criteria to achieve recognition, including their awareness and application of evidence-based research to their products and services.

Research underpins the whole premise of the EDUCATE programme, with participants expected to design and develop their products and services using evidence of what works and is effective. They also carry out their own research testing the impact of their work.

In all, the three-year EDUCATE programme has worked with about 100 innovators since its launch a year ago.

Professor Rose Luckin, Director of Learner Centred Design at UCL Knowledge Lab, and the Director of the EDUCATE programme, said: “The London Festival of Learning is the perfect event at which to celebrate the achievements of our cohorts.

“We have been impressed with the level of commitment they have shown both to their own ideas and products, and to the programme as a whole, with which they’ve engaged enthusiastically.

“Our cohorts represent what makes the UK a world leader in EdTech development – innovation, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm – all of which are underpinned with an evidence base of what works and is effective. They are among the very best in their field, and some have already proved themselves to be pioneers both in this country and beyond, having attracted substantial investment to expand and grow their businesses.”

The ‘EdWards’ recipients will be permitted to use a mark on their websites and marketing materials showing they have met the criteria of the programme. Twenty-three recipients received the ‘evidence aware’ mark and nine are in receipt of the ‘evidence applied’ mark.

Speaking ahead of the ceremony, Lord Puttnam said: “The significant impact of artificial intelligence and technology is already evident in education and in industry more widely. The ‘EdWards’ are a fitting celebration of the some of the best entrepreneurship in EdTech currently taking place in the UK and I am delighted to play a part in the recognition of such innovation.”

Lord Jim Knight added: “For years I’ve been an advocate of the potential of technology to enhance teaching and learning. Too often I’ve been disappointed by results, which is why I am such a fan of EDUCATE. By linking academic research with product innovation, we are most likely to realise the potential and extend the reach of great teaching to more children.”

The ‘EdWards’ ceremony took place in the Arena, in Russell Square during the fifth day of the London Festival of Learning and the second of the three-day EDUCATE Showcase, during which some of the cohorts were exhibiting their products.

The ‘Evidence Aware EdWard’ recipients are:




Blue Sauce Media

Bo Clips

Code Your Future









My Pocket Skill


Primo Toys

Spaghetti Brain




Teachpitch, https://teachpitch.com;  

Turinglab, http://www.turinglab.co.uk;

MyCognition, https://mycognition.com

The ‘Evidence Applied EdWard’ recipients are:

A Tale Unfolds


Century Tech

Debate Mate


Little Bridge

Lyrical Kombat

My Tutor

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