Professor Rose Luckin appointed Specialist Adviser to Commons Education Select Committee

EDUCATE’s director, Professor Rose Luckin, has been appointed as Specialist Adviser to the all-party Commons Education Select Committee in its inquiry into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Professor Luckin, who gave evidence to the committee in October, will work closely with the committee to plan evidence sessions, offer advice on witnesses, and support committee members and staff in the publication of a final report.

She will attend sessions of the committee in Westminster to provide oral briefings and advise on sources of information and evidence throughout the inquiry process, a spokesman said.

“As a leading expert on artificial intelligence and education the committee will benefit from Professor Luckin’s in-depth knowledge and experience of the sector and policy area,” he added.

Professor Luckin said: “I am thrilled to have been invited to play such an important role in this inquiry.

“What we are going through is, indeed, a revolution and serious questions have to be asked about how we prepare people for the future.

“This isn’t something we can experiment with, and we have to get it right because it involves people’s lives. It is about so much more than just how we teach STEM subjects.”

The inquiry is examining how best to prepare young people to take advantage of future opportunities by looking at the suitability of the school curriculum. It will also look at the role of lifelong learning and how best to help people climb the ladder of opportunity in the future.

The committee will continue its work in the New Year and is expected to report on its findings in the Spring.

A transcript of the session involving Professor Luckin can be found here.

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