CamBioScience secures £1.1 million from global backers to develop its AI learning platform

CamBioScience Ltd has clinched around £1.1 million of funding from global backers to develop its pioneering learning platform.

The investment, from an early stage investment house Beaubridge (UK) Ltd, will fuel the global scale-up of OBRIZUM®, a transformative learning platform that incorporates artificial intelligence to maximise and quicken individual employee learning and training processes.

OBRIZUM® uses powerful AI algorithms to continually personalise and enhance each employee’s learning experience, and automates data organisation and transfer, generating deep real-time analytical reports that quantify a company’s return on learning investment for businesses.

Dr Chibeza C. Agley, CEO and co-founder of CamBioScience, which was a member of Cohort 3 of the EDUCATE programme, said: “OBRIZUM transforms E-Learning into AI-Learning and takes personalised learning to another level.

“This latest financing from Beaubridge will help us realise OBRIZUM’s full global potential and bring powerful learning and training benefits to business and individuals alike, just when they need it most.”

He added that CamBioScience’s leading AI specialists have built OBRIZUM® to specifically address the three greatest challenges confronting digital learning – automation, personalisation and analytics.

Derk Ohler, Investment Director at Beaubridge (UK) Ltd. “Businesses and individuals need to evolve from traditional static training processes to life-long learning. It is not an option but a requirement.

“OBRIZUM is helping professionals and businesses meet this necessity. This is an exciting time to be investing in EdTech and CamBioScience is at the forefront of this industry.”

CamBioScience brings together cutting-edge technologists, leading academics, software developers and business visionaries to make deep data more user friendly; offer advanced life science training courses; and develop AI learning platforms that help transform the way people and businesses operate.

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