CENTURY Tech partners with SSAT in project to cut teacher workload

One of EDUCATE’S most successful alumni, CENTURY Tech, is to collaborate with a leading UK educational organisation in a unique project to reduce teacher workload and improve pupil learning.

The partnership with SSAT (The Schools, Students and Teachers network), which represents thousands of schools, teachers and students, will explore how AI, big data and neuroscience can offer pupils a more personalised learning experience.

Schools are being asked to come forward to follow a programme of learning between January and Easter, 2019, using CENTURY’s technology.

The move follows a keynote speech given by Priya Lakhani OBE, the company’s chief executive and founder, to the SSAT conference in December, during which she demonstrated how the intelligence learning platform can improve performance by an average of 30%, while saving teachers up to six hours a week.

Participating schools will need to commit to implementing the pilot across an entire year group with a focus on science, and to deliver lessons and homework using CENTURY’s learning platform.

The project will evaluate the impact on teacher workload and on different groups of pupils, as well as how it affects formative assessment. It will also help to identify leadership and management challenges for school leaders.

Ms Lakhani said: “We are delighted to partner with SSAT to help solve some of the challenges faced by teachers in the classroom.

“The most important person in the classroom is the child and the most powerful person is the teacher. With this in mind, we have focused on instant differentiation to improve learner outcomes and on reducing teacher workload while providing instant rich insights to the teacher.”

Sue Williamson, chief executive of SSAT, said: “The school system is losing too many teachers and one of the main reasons for this is teacher workload. We need to create greater time for teachers to focus on greater personalisation of learning.

“SSAT and CENTURY have the knowledge and expertise to support schools to participate in practical research to see how artificial intelligence can transform learning.”

*Schools interested in taking part in the SSAT/Century pilot are asked to email: [email protected].

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