EDUCATE welcomes Cohort 6 participants to the programme

EDUCATE today (August 20) welcomes 36 entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME on to its unique EdTech programme.

The new entrants are the sixth cohort of innovators to be admitted since the EDUCATE programme was launched in Spring, 2017. The 36 members of the cohort offer a wide range of educational products and services, ranging from monitoring early childhood cognition and adult learning, to career education and enhancing mental health and well-being.

Professor Rose Luckin, Director of EDUCATE, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome Cohort 6 to the EDUCATE programme. Since our launch last year, we have seen more than 100 entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups commence, and successfully complete, the programme, many of whom have been recognised with our own mark, the EdWard, having satisfied a range of criteria.

“Furthermore, several of our previous participants have gone on to be pioneers in the EdTech sector, attracting investment and ensuring the UK remains a world leader in this field.

“There is no reason why the incoming cohort should not be equally successful, as they bring with them a wealth of ideas and concepts to enhance teaching and learning, and personal development.”

Professor Luckin said the importance of the EDUCATE programme was highlighted recently in Ministerial announcements about a proposed “EdTech revolution” in UK schools.

“Our work on the programme in helping to bring through EdTech innovators and entrepreneurs assumed a renewed importance two weeks ago, when Damian Hinds, the Secretary of State for Education, unveiled his vision of how EdTech sector could improve teaching and learning and cut teacher workload,” she said.

“His input is welcome and timely, as the teaching profession and educationalists look increasingly to how technology can support the teaching and learning of future generations.

“The EDUCATE programme intends to be at the forefront of that important work, and we look forward to sharing our insights, experience and expertise.”

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