Professor Rose Luckin responds to the House of Lords Committee into Artificial Intelligence report

Professor Rose Luckin, EDUCATE director, has responded to the House of Lords Committee into Artificial Intelligence report, published today (April 16, 2018) examining whether the UK is ready, willing and able to meet the challenges this digital technology has to offer.

The House of Lords report suggests that we have the experts and innovators to do so, but she points to the recent controversies surrounding Facebook and Cambridge Analytics and how these have exposed the dangers of unregulated data gathering and dissemination.

In her article, Professor Luckin argues that better education is the way to combat the “perfect storm of big data, sophisticated AI algorithms and vast amounts of cheap computing power and storage that is facing us”.

She says:  “We all need to understand enough about AI to protect ourselves from its use on our data in ways we do not approve, enough to use it effectively at work and leisure, and enough to ensure that it does not disadvantage the already disadvantaged in society.”

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